Davie Multimedia

Who We Are

Bill & Sheri Davie



2153 West Fair Ave.

Marquette, MI 49855

Bill and Sheri Davie are principal producers, but they have a team of production talent to help carry out the many regional projects that come in.


Bill has a BA in Mass Communications and an MA in Fiction Writing.  Sheri has a BA in Political Communications and a Masters Certificate in Public Administration.


"Telling stories is the most effective way to get a message across," said Bill.  "We look for the story in everything we do.


Our video programs have won Telly Awards, Communicator Awards, and New Century of Service Awards.


Awards are nice, but motivating your audience to a higher level of understanding and winning their support is our goal."

A recent project of Bill's is a novel called The Prophesist. It is an archaeological adventure about three people, a Hopi Indian Anthropologist, a Muslim Evangelist and a Mystic Spiritualist.  A battle rages between them to claim an ancient buried artifact, encode its prophetic vision, and own the incredible technology that uncovers it.

The lead character is Zarah St. Mark.  She is on a quest to validate the Hopi people's oral history and prophesy with archaeological evidence.


The discoveries she makes are bewildering and foretell of  great changes to Earth and her civilizations.


The book is available now as an ebook on line from Amazon.com.